Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Features You Should Look for in a Web Hosting Service for Business

If you search for a web host online, you’ll encounter pages of results that sell domain names. Choosing a host becomes a matter of thorough research to ensure that you receive the best deal for your small business. Your business web page is provides a virtual window to your business. Having a web page that loads very slowly or has errors can have negative impact on your business brand. That is why you need to ensure your web hosting provider has certain key features. Below we have listed them to assist you with your search.

Minimal Downtime

Web hosts that have a strong reputation in the industry will advertise their uptime. Ideally, you want an uptime that’s in the 90 percentile range. This value tells you how often the site goes down for technical difficulties. Hosts that don’t have an uptime advertised on their sites may have poor track records. Ask about current uptime values so that you’re aware of the service quality. The host may need new hardware or updated software to keep up with today’s online needs.

Live Operators Standing By

As an online business, you want some personalized service from the web host. Look for companies that have live chats or phone-call support. Live operators who can take your call after only a few rings become lifesavers if there’s a malfunction on your site. They can walk you through any issues so that the site can finally go online for your customers. If you must wait for online help, your customers encounter a down website and venture elsewhere for their product needs.

Graduated Disc Space

As you agree to any web hosting, you’ll be offered a certain amount of disc space. This hard-drive reservation is strict, and you cannot save extra data without purchasing another package. Explore the host’s storage options. You can pick a company that has graduated packages, such as 300, 500 or 1,000 GB of storage. Other host packages might come with unlimited space. Be aware of your limitations on any package, and you’ll be able to create a website around them.

Malware Coverage

Being live with an online business means that hackers will see you as a potential target. Your web host should be able to offer malware coverage and other safety nets. These safety precautions protect the website owners as well as the host too. Updated software, antivirus programs and other tools should be part of your package as you continually work through your online portal.

Included Email Boxes

Every web host should offer some email support, including multiple boxes for your employees. If you have a small business, a few dozen email boxes might suffice. A business that’s looking at exponential growth, however, should look for more email boxes offered in bulk. It’s not uncommon for web-hosting services to offer 1,000 boxes or more on certain packages, which covers current and future employees with ease.

You’ll often receive a good deal on web hosting and design packages when a long, contractual period is involved. Unless you’re familiar with the host, don’t lock yourself into a contract. They may not meet your needs at all times. Consider a short contract period so that you can switch from a poor product if necessary.

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