Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What Features You Should Look for in a Web Hosting Service for Business

If you search for a web host online, you’ll encounter pages of results that sell domain names. Choosing a host becomes a matter of thorough research to ensure that you receive the best deal for your small business. Your business web page is provides a virtual window to your business. Having a web page that loads very slowly or has errors can have negative impact on your business brand. That is why you need to ensure your web hosting provider has certain key features. Below we have listed them to assist you with your search.

Minimal Downtime

Web hosts that have a strong reputation in the industry will advertise their uptime. Ideally, you want an uptime that’s in the 90 percentile range. This value tells you how often the site goes down for technical difficulties. Hosts that don’t have an uptime advertised on their sites may have poor track records. Ask about current uptime values so that you’re aware of the service quality. The host may need new hardware or updated software to keep up with today’s online needs.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

How to Stop Treating Your Small Business Like a Hobby

Sometimes running a small business may seem much like enjoying our hobby. They are often built from the passion where we like to spend our time doing, and it can be easy to see small business as an offshoot of our interests, instead of as a serious money-making venture. But this can be disastrous, as too many folks end up sinking hard-earned capital into their small business to keep it afloat as it is their pet project. But the clue is really in the name ‘small business.’ That means no matter the size of the company that you are running you are aiming to make a profit. So, you need to stop treating it as a hobby and get serious. Read on to find out how.

Make a plan

The first thing that you need to do to get serious about your small business is to think about where you see your business going in the next 5 years. You need a plan, and not just one written down on the back of a restaurant napkin sort of plan, a proper one.

One that has achievable and measurable goals, and all of the steps that you need to complete to get there. Business are not static things, and you certainly want to ensure that you are making enough profits to make them viable. So get a plan to do this in order, before you move on to any other stage.


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